2017 Award Winners

Prizes for General Prize entries:

Art Quilt
1st Place: $300, Wendy Knight, "Lest We Forget", #311 F2 Front
2nd Place: $200, Kathy Piper, "To the Ionion Sea", #155 B2 5

First Entry in a Quilt Show
1st Place: $300, Tanya Wagner, "Vintage Farm Girl", C2 Front

Mixed Technique
1st Place: $300, Tamara Nakatani, "Bargello", #105 F2 4
2nd Place: $200, Kim Glossip, "Revolution", #330 D1 9

1st Place: $300, Susan Kephart, "Prismatic Medallion", #278 A2 1
2nd Place: $200, Suzanne Appelman, "Wild Heart", #120 C2 5

1st Place: $300, Patricia Montgomery, "Bringing Home the Tree", #226 A1 3
2nd Place: $200, Susan Shipstead, "Christmas Birds", #408 A1 3

Traditional Appliqued
1st Place: $300, Debbie Lawless, "Silken Elegance", #344 G2 2
2nd Place: $200, Joylene Bouma, "Amaretto Rose Quilt", #135 G2 1

Traditional Pieced
1st Place: $300, Joan McNamara, "Almost Like the Blues", #142 G1 9
2nd Place: $200, Kay Laboda, "Stars of the Show", G1 1

1st Place: $200, Kathleen Whipker, "Memories of my Wedding Day", A2 10
2nd Place: $100, Katie Green, "Stars Scandinavian Style", #138 F1 6

1st Place: $50, Bethany Mapes, "Tower of Flowers", #391 B2 3
2nd Place: (Quilt Show Ribbon), Rees Williams, "It's a Zoo Out There", #381 C1 6

Prizes for Quilt Challenge entries:

1st Place: $100, Corky kuhlman, "Torrey Pines"
2nd Place: $50, Dottie Porst, "Crazy For San Diego

Prizes for Block Challenge entries:

1st Place: $25, Boryana Dineva, "Lilies' Pond - Balboa Park Botanical Garden"
2nd Place: Award ribbon, Linda B. Fox, "San Diego Safari Park"

Other Prizes:

Best of Show: $300, Wendy Knight, "Lest we Forget", #311 F2 Front

Best Stationary M Qltd: $100, Claire Marks, "Breathless Beauty", #127 C1 9

Best Track Mounted M Qltd: $100, Shelly Gragg, "Sapphire Blossom", #310 E17

Best Hand Qltd: $100, Jane Ann Schowengardt, "Grandmother's Button Box", #159 G2 4

Best Use of Thread - $100, Cindy Dewall, "Waters of the Grand Canyon", #404 C1 10

President's Choice - $100 Karen Collin, "All Lined Up", #394 F2 1

Judges Choice (three) - Award ribbon
Wendy Mathson: Judith Smith, "The Path", #217 A2 5
Mary Tabar: Ann Turley, "Mortie Learns to Read", #190 C1 4
Julia Zgliniec: Candy Oden, "Pearls By Zen Chic", B1 4

Viewer's Choice
1st Place: $300, Laurel Maloney, "Dancing With Fans", #230
2nd Place: $200, Debbie Lawless, "Silken Elegance", #344
3rd Place: $100, Wendy Knight, "Lest We Forget", #311