Quilt on a Chair - 9/21

Quilt on a Chair - 9/21


This is a totally fun project where an ordinary object becomes extraordinary. Each chair will not only be unique but attract attention. This project is not only easy but way too much fun to be legal.

With Dianne Springer



September 21, 2018

Class Length: 

Full Day, 9:00am - 4:00pm


Enrollment Fee: $75.00 / seat


$55 includes new folding chair, muslin, glue, cording and pattern.  Instructor will be bringing some fabrics but strongly suggest participants bring a minimum of one yard’s worth of fabrics they would like to use or include. Staples, staple guns, pliers, hammers, screwdrivers, tape measures all provided by instructor

Needed in classroom:  

Cutting mats, irons, ironing board, tables, sewing machines

Student supply list:  

Approximately 1 yd of scraps (1/3 pound) for both the seat and back of the chair.  It is a good idea for these to be trimmed so they have straight edges.  Length and width can vary.  Also needed is 1/4 yd. of fabric for cording cover.  Scissors, thread, rotary cutter, straight edgers well as other basic notions would be useful


Artist Bio: Dianne Springer


Dianne Springer started sewing at a very early age. Taught by her grandmother, she soon added knitting yarn to the threads of her life. At the same time, she fell in love with art. She was self-taught in that area until she reached college.  Her first degree was in teaching and her first teaching job was to teach art to artistically gifted and talented young students. While teaching art, she returned to college to earn her MFA in Studio Art. This achievement both fulfilled one of her her lifelong dreams and better equipped her as a teacher. As an art student and artist she became a “Jill of All Trades” working in painting, sculpture, ceramics and glass.  Following graduate school she diversified even more, and developed a national following as a glass beadmaker and jewelry designer.  Then she discovered quilting. Her early beginnings with sewing and her art and design training had set her up to begin designing and creating quilts. She then started a company (Dianne Springer Designs) which sells her own quilt and appique products as well as quilt related kits and projects. While traveling to shows all over the country for her new company, she encountered friends and colleagues who said, “You should write a book.”  She did, and AQS published it in 2011.

Since then, she has explored even more her love for fabrics. She designed a line of fabrics for a major fabric company and has now designed fabrics which were produced for her own company.

She provides lectures and demonstrations at Quilt Shows, Quilt Guilds and Quilt Shops on a broad array of topics related to fabric arts. She has over 25 years of experience as a classroom teacher in the arts and over ten years teaching at shows and guilds. One reason for her success and excellent reviews is that she has maintained a belief that makes almost all of her students comfortable and successful. And that is, “We all start out as beginners!”  And beginners can succeed as evidenced by her success teaching a five-year-old to stipple stitch at a show in Springfield, IL (see photo below).

Dianne loves to share her experiences, knowledge and stories with anyone from age 5 to 105 who is interested in fabrics, sewing and quilting. Her love for fabrics and quilting is contagious. If you already have that love, come share it. If not, come catch it at her next presentation. For questions:  sales@diannespringerdesigns.com

Five-year-old Jackson Learning to Stipple Stitch