Tubular Strip Piecing Triangles - 9/19

Tubular Strip Piecing Triangles - 9/19


Magic bias friendly tube strip piecing technique and simple formula makes long rows of triangles any angle or size, including miniature, without paper, templates or waste. It is easier that it looks. Rita encourages you to tweak your brain and think in new ways about imagining and creating patterns from triangles. Lots of information, eye candy and unique ideas for using these triangles to create borders, blocks and components for quilts will be provided.

With Rita Hutchins


By Rita Hutchens

Date: 9/19/2018

NOTE: Rita Hutchens class is being taught at Rosie's Calico Cupboard, 7151 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego 92115. 

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Class Length: Full Day

Enrollment Fee: $75.00 / seat 


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Rita Hutchens is an international quilt artist, teacher and author of "Totally Tubular Quilts A New Strip Piecing Technique" [C&T Publishing 2003]. Rita Hutchens Tubular Strip Piecing™ technique employs clever methods for cutting, rearranging, and sewing again for an innovative look in quilts without templates or paper, and, her students can testify without bias problems. Rita embraces the use of fabric and color in a user-friendly way to create exciting dimensional and dramatic pieces large and small. Her design motifs feature geometrical shapes arranged in such a way that they completely fill the page. Rita's Tubular Strip Piecing™ technique possesses a wonderful clarity and ease, yet, she succeeds in achieving complex quilts. Tubular Strip Piecing™ is a totally fascinating and innovative spin on Seminole, Bargello and Strip Piecing,on steroids with a twist. Rita invites you to view her selection of her fantastic, dramatic, geometric quilts on display, and demonstrates her famous Tubular Strip Piecing™ techniques, at the show.