General Quilts

Quilt Entries closed for 2018

We would love to show your quilts, so plan to enter next year - registration starts as early as February 2019.

Please come and enjoy the show. There are still a few openings in the classes and don’t forget the Quilt-O on Friday night!  


General quilt rules and details

  • Entry cost is $10 (or $15 if you'd also like your quilt critiqued by professional judges). Anyone is eligible to enter.

  • Important: Be sure to read and follow the Quilt Entry Rules & Details as well.
  • The category in which the quilt is entered is very important. If you should enter your quilt in the wrong category it would not be considered for that category's prize(s). See the definitions below to help you decide.

Category Definitions

Art Quilt

An art quilt's purpose is to be used as art; it is designed to inspire, not to keep you warm at night. An art quilt's style can be abstract or realistic. It often uses materials that are unusual in traditional quilts (paint, metal, fibers, embellishments) and may be three-dimensional. Art quilts are original artistic statements.



Either hand or machine embroidered and must display at least 70% embroidery work. Some piecing and applique acceptable.


First Entry in a Quilt Show 

Must be the first quilted project entered into any quilt show. May be any size and use any technique. Construction of quilt top must be done entirely by entrant. However, quilting may be done by another party.



A miniature is not just a small quilt. It is a design that has been reduced in scale. All of the various quilt components - the overall design, quilting design and stitches, binding, embroidery or other surface techniques or embellishments need to be reduced in scale. Total perimeter shall not exceed 96" and no single side shall be more than 24". If pieced blocks are used, they shall not measure more than 4" on any side.


Mixed Technique

The use of equal amounts of two major techniques in the quilt design. For example, a quilt that is both pieced and appliqued. What would not be "mixed" would be a combination of hand and machine quilting. May use techniques not mentioned in other categories including crazy quilts, yo-yos, photos, etc (in combination with piecing and appliqued if desired).



Modern quilts are primarily functional and inspired by modern design. Characteristics that help identify a modern quilt are use of bold colors and prints, high contrast and graphic areas of solid color, improvisational piecing, minimalism, expansive negative space, and alternate grid work.



Also can be described as Folk Art type patterns. Usually the designs are not constricted by finite form or pattern. Shapes and designs are free form, and random. Fabrics used are largely plaids, homespuns, wool, and earthy tones.


Traditional Appliqued

This quilt should be predominantly appliqued. Applique may be applied by hand or machine or fused.


Traditional Pieced

Traditional patterns for blocks and construction and predominantly pieced.



A quilt made for display on a wall and not designed for use on a bed or as a lap quilt. Perimeter should not exceed 216".



Quilts must be entirely pieced, or appliqued and quilted by a youth 15 years of age or under. No computerized quilting.