Opportunity Quilts

Guilds may hang their quilts for one, two or three days. The fee will be $15.00 per entry form. (2-3 days will pay $15.00 only)

The guild(s) will fill out an entry form as usual and note their preference for a one, two or three day space.

They will bring their quilts to the show, and furnish their own quilt hangers, and will hang the quilt 20 minutes before the show opens, on the day they are assigned, and take down the quilt at the end of the day or days, they were assigned.

We will reserve spaces for the quilts that want to hand for 3 days, and reserve space to be given daily to the one or two day hangings, on a first come reservation request.

Dorothy McRann - Lola O'leary
Opportunity Quilt Chairs