Treasure Hunting - 2 Full Days, 8/28 and 8/29 no longer available

Treasure Hunting - 2 Full Days, 8/28 and 8/29 no longer available


Skill Level: Confident Beginner to Advanced
Subject: You will easily be able to grasp this technique into making gems and highlightng landscapes and other projects. You will be so glad that you took this class from MJ. She will inspire you and you will feel like you have just taken a Master Class in using the Bite Size Gem technique of fractured light into other designs. MJ Kinman is a great instructor who will fill you with joy and gems. Do not miss this opportunity to expand your quilting horizons

Student supply list will be provided closer to class date.

With MJ Kinman

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Class description for MJ Kinman

 Treasure Hunting
Skill Level: Confidant Beginner to Advanced (This class is perfect for makers who want to dive into the exciting world of art quilts by learning how to find inspiration, create a composition, and chart a pattern using a powerful technique.)
Subject: Elements of Design, Pattern-Making using Freezer Paper Piecing Techniques

The concepts and techniques shared in this class will become powerful tools in any student’s toolbox, regardless of their subject matter or source of inspiration. Students learn how to find hidden landscapes deep within gorgeous gems and then create a fully-charted freezer paper template that will allow them to create their own singularly beautiful 18” quilt block — a study of light and color.

During our first morning together, students learn how to find the faceting pattern hidden inside every gem. This provides the clues to how they will eventually piece together their final quilt top. We’ll also explore the elements of abstraction, as well as the tenets of basic composition. Finally, students will use actual images of gemstones and cut-outs of various sizes to find a landscape that delights them to transform into an abstract quilt design.

During the afternoon of the first day, students will then learn how to translate their hidden landscape into a freezer paper pattern using the same techniques I’ve used to create my giant gem quilts for the past 20 years.

This first day challenges students to blast beyond the borders of their comfort zone. We’ll address how to work through anxiety, confusion, and questions that inevitably arise whenever we move beyond our limits.

The second day, however, is the day we return to the safety of the familiar when we break out glorious fabric, rotary cutters, mats, and sewing machines. This is the day magic happens as students transform their ideas into fabulous work!Skill Level: Confident Beginner to Advanced
Subject: Pattern-Making using Freezer Paper Piecing Techniques

Using the design and piecing techniques I rely on to create my diamond portraits, students will create their own singularly beautiful work of faceted light. After choosing from one of several pre-selected images based on their skill level, students will learn how to code each piece for color, location, and adjacency; position template pieces onto hand-painted fabric to achieve the desired light effects; and ultimately create their own unique study in faceted color. Students will leave the class with a small top that can later be hand- or machine-quilted at home. Student supply list will be provided at time of booking.

Come learn and have fun.

Class Length: 2 Full Days

Enrollment Fee: $170.00 / seat 

Materials for Day One:

  • For the first day of “Treasure Hunting”, students are welcome to bring 11” x 17” color images of their favorite subject such as flowers, landscapes, etc to explore during the first day of class. However, I will provide plenty of images of large gemstones that students may also use to find inspiration for their design of faceted light

Materials for Day Two:

  • 36” length of freezer paper (standard 18” width); this is enough for 2 patterns so that if you want to start over you have enough to do so. (Note: wax paper or parchment paper will not work with this technique.)

  • Colored pencils in the colors of the gem they want to create. However, don’t limit yourself! You may want to make a gemstone reflecting a wide variety of hues and values.

  • Erasable pencils

  • Ball point pen in blue or black

  • Eraser (preferably a block eraser, rather than the top of the pencil. These remove marks much better.)

  • 18” ruler

  • Small ruler with a ¼” measurement

  • Correction tape such as Bic Wite-Out Correction Tape (found at any office supply store) – Please do not bring liquid Wite-Out, because it will ruin your iron. Look for the tape instead.

  • Domestic sewing machine and thread assortment (neutrals or colors that match your fabrics)

  • Scissors and rotary cutting tools (cutter and mat)

  • Iron and ironing pad (or board)

  • Fabric -- Assortment of skinny 8ths (half of a fat quarter) of cotton fabric in white, black, and up to four values of at least two different colors. (Example from first sample below: Yellow-Green fabric in pale, light, medium, bright, and dark; Lavender in pale, light medium, dark; Orange Melon in pale, light, medium, and dark)

mj kinman.htm

About MJ Kinman

MJ Kinman|Textile Artist

I like to tell people I make the biggest diamonds in the world. The adventure started over 20 years ago when an image of a gem captured my imagination. As a new quiltmaker, I knew there had to be a way to transform that image into a quilt, but didn’t know where to begin. I dove into the research and, seven years later, made my first gem. 

My latest series, entitled “Bourbon Diamonds” celebrates Kentucky’s favorite spirit. My current series is based on the National Gem Collection at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History.

My work has been exhibited in galleries, museums, and national competitions. The National Quilt Museum (Paducah, KY) is planning an exhibit of my work in 2020. I’ve been delighted to share my work with readers of Quilting Arts Magazine, France Patchwork, McCall’s Quilting, Make Modern Magazine, Online Quilting Magazine, and World Diamond Magazine. I’ve had the pleasure of appearing on Quilting Arts TV and The Quilt with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims. My gems are included in private and corporate collections, including Maker’s Mark Distillery.

I released my first pattern series in 2018. The Birthstone Series is a collection of 12 blocks representing the traditional birthstones, The Diamond Divas Series features larger quilt patterns inspired by fancy-cut diamonds. Northcott released my first fabric collection, “Facets by MJ Kinman”, in 2019.

I love to teach others how to use freezer-paper piecing techniques to bring their own inspiration to life. And Gem Affiliates, independent teachers around the US, Canada, and Australia who are certified to teach my patterns, are available to bring gem classes to shops, guilds, and groups around the country.

For more information, please visit my website and social media sites below: